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Unlock growth with underwriting automation

Increase underwriter productivity and elevate underwriting accuracy, appetite and profitability by evolving your underwriting discipline with the power of AI.

Lorem ipsum Use Liberate’s suite of building blocks to design the optimal experience for your customers.

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Eliminate manual tasks

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Build a smarter risk profile

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Make smarter, faster decisions

More underwriting accuracy with less effort

In traditional underwriting models, siloed systems and unstructured data interfere with underwriting intelligence. By leveraging third-party data, you can verify information and spot anomalies instantly.

Everything you need in one automated system

Many insurance IT environments are a tangled mess of complexities that inhibit innovation. Liberate streamlines workflows into a single digital experience.

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Support your underwriting team’s success

Underwriters are wasting too much time on busy work. Automated workflows free up their time so they can focus on high-value tasks that support growth and profitability. By facilitating more rewarding work, you can also attract and retain top talent.

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