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Solve staffing challenges & enhance customer service – Voice AI can do it all, while never missing a call.

If you've been searching for the perfect CSR - the one who always shows up, has a great attitude, and conscientiously attends to every detail – your wait is over. Best of all, insurers can onboard and train Voice AI quickly and at a much lower cost than hiring an employee!

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Don’t just take our word for it

“The timing meant a lot to us. We had a tight timeline to be live by hurricane season, and Liberate delivered. Working with them has been a transparent, seamless and friction-free process.”
Ron Ligocki
Vice President of Claims, Allied Trust
“Thanks to Liberate’s Voice AI, I'm free to take more vacations with my family. The impact of Voice AI has been amazing for our team. We can focus on other things while the voice agents do their thing. Many of our customers don’t realize they are speaking to an AI agent.”
Shawn Reynolds
CFO & Co-Founder, Signature Insurance Group
“Liberate saved us a lot of time because they already understand insurance processes – in fact, they’ve been able to handle 75% of our digital FNOL implementation with very little involvement from us.”
Nick Brierly
Chief Operating Officer, Indigo
"Liberate’s Voice Al technology provides personalized and efficient solutions for our customers, and it also improves agency efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows. Overall, customer satisfaction and increased agent productivity is our goal and Liberate is helping us achieve that."
Michelle Silvester
Owner / Agent, GreatFlorida Insurance
“Before we used Liberate's Voice AI, we missed a lot of calls. This bilingual solution helps ensure that we don’t miss out on sales leads and can support our customers 24/7. With the current staffing crunch, Voice AI has been a game changer for our agency.”
Serguey Hijuelos Lopez
President, JWB Insurance
"Liberate's technology responds to our customers' needs in a real-time, culturally relevant way, which allows our teams to focus operations on revenue generating KPIs. Our investment in Liberate's technology has translated into huge operational efficiencies, improved employee morale,
and happier customers."
Geraldine Villoch
Agency Owner, Univista
Complexity Simplified

Simplifying complex processes down to the click of a button

AI Voice Orchestration

Voice AI Integrates with your systems to complete the tasks your customers are calling for.

Full Call Audit

View a transcript, listen to the full recording, and see details of every call.

Conversation Manager

Choose your voice, language, and conversation rules for each agent.

Real time reporting

Watch your ROI in real time with reporting dashboards.

Choose the best plan option for your needs


24/7 Receptionist
Entry-level AI virtual assistant that can answer customer queries in English
Get Started
Answer calls 24/7
Library of human like voices
Configurable call script
Automatable workflows
CRM Integration
Rater Integration
Priority Support


Most popular
Bilingual Virtual Assistant
Bilingual AI virtual assistant that can collect data and process service requests over the phone in English and Spanish
Get Started
Answer calls 24/7
Library of human like voices
Configurable call script
Automatable workflows
CRM Integration
Rater Integration
Priority Support


Multilingual Expert Assistant
Expert-level, multilingual AI virtual assistant that can automate almost all service requests
Get Started
Answer calls 24/7
Customized human like voice
Configurable call script
Automatable workflows
CRM Integration
Rater Integration
Priority Support
Advanced Analytics