Security Stance

You want cutting edge technology delivered in a highly secure environment – and that’s exactly what Liberate delivers. 

While we take extensive measures to optimize security, one unique advantage of working with Liberate is our method of storing data. While many organizations use architecture that co-mingles customer data, Liberate’s unique structure keeps your data securely separated in its own data store. 

Read on to learn more about the security that is baked into every Liberate automation.

Safeguards to Protect You and Your Customers

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Certification: SOC2 certification provides the reassurance you need that security best practices are in place.
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Role & Attribute-Based Access: Role-based access controls restrict access to authorized users – so your data stays secure. For increased control, role and attribute-based permissions let you grant different permissions to people in the same roles.
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Version Management: With Amazon CloudTrail, we log, monitor and retain account activity related to actions across our Amazon Web Services infrastructure. You can see what changes have occurred and who deployed them, while rollback capability lets you revert to previous versions.
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Project-Based Permissions: Leverage project-based permissions to give different teams access to different information – even when working on the same project.
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Encryption: We apply encryption to all data, including data from third-party sources, providing an added layer of security to all data whether it’s in transit or at rest.
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Secure Integration: Your integration credentials are encrypted in transit and at rest.
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Data Structure: Liberate is unlike typical multi-tenant architecture because we never commingle your data with that of other customers.
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Uptime: You can count on your Liberate platform to be there when you need it. Our platform performs with a near-perfect uptime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Liberate keep my data secure?
Yes, Liberate follows data security best practices to keep your information safe, including data backup and encryption. Our strong security stance has been independently verified by our SOC2 certification.

Will my data be commingled with the data of other clients?
No. We understand that many insurers feel uncomfortable with the thought of their data being grouped together with data from other customers, and we’ve structured the Liberate platform to avoid this. Every organization receives a unique instance. 

Does Liberate perform regular testing?
Yes. Security is an ongoing commitment. Liberate conducts regulator penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses so they can be fixed before an attack occurs.

Does Liberate support single sign-on (SSO)?
Yes, Liberate supports single sign-on so you can securely sign into all integrated systems with one set of credentials through the user portal.

Will Liberate’s employees keep my information safe?
Liberate employees sign confidentiality agreements and adhere to strict policies designed with your security in mind. Training ensures that employees know how to maintain security, and the offboarding process ensures that former employees no longer have access. 

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