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Liberate and Vanguard Claims Administration Launch First Phase of Comprehensive Digital TPA Solution

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PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Liberate Innovations Inc. (Liberate) and Vanguard Claims Administration (Vanguard) have partnered to build a cutting-edge Digital Third-Party Administrator (TPA) solution designed to usher in the next generation of claims management, increasing efficiency, accuracy and the turn time of claim outcomes for clients.

Field adjuster guided automation, the first phase of the extensive, multi-faceted Digital TPA solution, is now live. The Vanguard Field Adjusters Tool sharpens efficiency and accuracy by providing field adjusters with a client-specific digital guide for comprehensive data collection during inspections.

“All clients share some basic field adjusting requirements that are then augmented with an added layer of specifications. This tool facilitates both standardization and flexibility, enabling us to customize requirements and share them with field adjusters, so nothing is missed," explains Vanguard’s Chairman, Robert Gilliam.

This milestone marks significant progress toward the end goal of a comprehensive Digital TPA transformation, equipping Vanguard to go to market with a dramatically differentiated model, positioning them for rapid expansion and growth.

As both third-party claims administrators and field adjusters with more than 25 years in the industry, Vanguard recognized the direction the market was taking and has been working toward claims digitization for a number of years. “In the near future, if claims operations are to survive and thrive, they need to be active participants in what happens next – we want to be in the arena,” Gilliam says.

As claims professionals, Vanguard required a technology partner to bring their vision to life, which is why a strategic partnership with Liberate was a logical next step. “We were impressed by the previous successes of their leadership and we gravitated towards their 'snap-on/snap-off' formula of building modular technology solutions that can be easily adapted and customized for our clients’ unique needs. These tools give our projects a head start and save us time and money,” Gilliam says.

Liberate is known for its ready-to-deploy use cases which enable unprecedented speed to market and value. “Many insurers expect to spend years developing automation that we can build in as little as 90 days,” explains Liberate CEO, Amrish Singh. “This efficiency also translates to better value and less opportunity cost. Insurers can no longer put up with projects that span years – their competitors will easily pass them by,” he adds.

Gilliam is happy with the strides his company is already making with Liberate by their side. “Working with the Liberate team has been phenomenal. They understand the insurance industry and claims processes. They are great people, both personally and professionally. They’re also transparent and deliver. When issues arise, we work through them. It’s been exciting to see them take our dreams and make them real and functional,” he says.

This collaboration is just the beginning of a multi-step Digital TPA rollout. In future phases, Vanguard will leverage Liberate's AI expertise for tailored solutions focusing on digital intake, payments, communication and more. Though currently focused on personal residential property, there are plans to expand automation to include commercial insurance claims in the near future.

As Vanguard and Liberate continue to innovate, the industry can expect streamlined, efficient, and customer centric Digital TPA solutions that set new standards.

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About Vanguard Claims Administration
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