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Liberate Launches Operator AI for Claims FNOL

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Liberate Launches Operator AI for Claims FNOL

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA – September 28, 2023 – Liberate Innovations Inc. (Liberate) has launched Operator AI for FNOL – the insurance industry’s first multilingual, multi-scenario, empathetic, intuitive, 24/7, AI-driven claim intake agent. 

With this easy-to-integrate plugin, insurers can leverage cutting-edge generative AI to simplify claims communications, boost policyholder satisfaction, improve data quality, and save time and money.

Insurers face numerous challenges related to meeting policyholder expectations, especially during the FNOL intake and claims processes. Many policyholders prefer text-based over talk-based options. Regardless of the communication channel, language barriers can complicate communication and get claims off to a poor start. Claims can also happen at any time – not just during normal business hours – and widespread disasters can overwhelm insurers with claim volume, making it difficult to consistently respond promptly and empathetically.

Liberate’s Operator AI for FNOL leverages generative AI to overcome these challenges. The innovative tool facilitates a user-friendly and satisfying experience that meets policyholders on their terms.

Policyholders can engage with the claim intake agent at any time, 24/7. The multilingual interface is also capable of switching languages, which eliminates language barriers once and for all.

The Operator AI claim intake agent can instantly:

  • Verify the claimant’s responses against data in the insurer’s core systems.
  • Dynamically and intelligently respond to the customer.
  • Interact in the customer’s preferred channel – web or SMS.

With Operator AI for FNOL, insurers no longer have to worry about having enough call center representatives to handle a surge in claims volume. Whenever policyholders need help, the claim intake agent responds clearly and empathetically in the policyholders’ language, using their communication method of choice.

“The FNOL intake process plays a critical role in claimant satisfaction. If policyholders don’t feel well cared for, they will likely switch carriers,” Liberate CEO, Amrish Singh explains. “Operator AI for FNOL helps insurers in many ways – improving policyholder retention, shoring up labor shortages, improving data quality, and saving money. It’s a win for insurance carriers, claims administrators and policyholders,” he adds.

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