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Operator AI for Underwriting, Claims & Beyond

Written by
Amrish Singh
AI for underwriting

Technology shouldn’t be difficult to access. With Liberate’s Operator AI system, insurance professionals can use natural language to interact with highly-sophisticated AI programs. Operator AI is the streamlined, user-friendly way to leverage AI for underwriting and other insurance tasks. 

The Operator AI System

Since ChatGPT took the world by storm after being introduced in November 2022, businesses have been exploring how they can leverage generative AI and large language models.

For the insurance industry, Liberate’s Operator AI system is the answer. This AI-powered platform utilizes an agent hierarchy to support cyber security and mitigate hallucinations. It provides an LLM agent that has memory, decision-making capabilities, and tools that connect directly to your other systems. It’s extremely powerful and accessible: your team can engage it using natural language.

Generative AI in Underwriting

Accurate underwriting requires a tedious review of information and a careful eye to catch any omissions or errors. At the same time, you often need to perform underwriting quickly – both to meet customer demands and to keep up with workloads. These are challenges for humans but not for generative AI.

Generative AI is adept at summarizing information and pulling out specific facts. Plus, it performs tasks much faster than any human ever could. When you integrate generative AI with your other insurance systems, the results are revolutionary.

For example, an underwriter can access the AI tool using a familiar chat-based application. You just type in your question or command the same way you would chat with a colleague. The system responds with the requested information in natural language. Since the AI system is integrated with your insurance system, it has access to all the information it needs to generate accurate and useful responses. The AI tool also remembers information from earlier in the conversation, allowing you to ask follow-up questions.

Imagine you’ve just uploaded a submission into your underwriting workbench. You then use the AI interface to ask for a summary of the submission. The tool responds with a list of key details. You then ask for a summary of the exposures and, once again, the tool responds with a relevant list. If you want verification about a piece of information, the tool will draw upon information in your system to provide evidence that the information is correct or to suggest it may be incorrect.

These uses are impressive, but AI tools can do more than research information. When you integrate these tools with the necessary systems, they can even execute actions. For example, you can ask the AI tool to draft an email for you. As long as the system is integrated with your email inbox, you can also tell the AI tool to send the email. Likewise, if you integrate the AI tool with your policy systems, the tool can update policies for you. 

Beyond Underwriting Applications

The above applications are already impressive, but AI isn’t limited to underwriting. You can integrate Liberate’s Operator AI system into any broker, underwriter, agent, or claims handler workbench.

Claims intake processes involve numerous challenges. Since claimants are often dealing with urgent situations, they need a fast response. However, when claims happen outside of normal business hours and when disasters lead to claim surges, insurers may lack the resources to help everyone promptly. Generative AI never has that problem.

  • Claims intake can occur at any time, including weekends, nights, and holidays. Claimants never have to worry about getting put on hold during an emergency.
  • AI can verify claimant responses against data in the insurer’s system. This is a time-consuming task for humans but not for AI agents.  
  • The AI tool can switch to the claimant’s preferred language. This function eliminates language barriers and makes claims reporting easier for policyholders who don’t speak English as their primary language. 

Liberate’s Operator AI for FNOL is an easy-to-integrate plugin that can simplify claims intake and improve the policyholder experience. 

An AI Platform Designed for the Insurance Industry

This is an exciting time in the insurance industry. Generative AI promises to help insurers lower their costs, improve their operating efficiency, and boost policyholder satisfaction. An AI platform designed for the insurance industry can help insurers leverage all these advantages with confidence. 

Still not convinced your company should adopt generative AI? We’ve outlined seven use cases that show how generative AI can make running an insurance business easier. Download it now.