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Future-ready FNOL: CX + Data + AI

Kickstart your automated customer and claims journeys with the most streamlined and intuitive digital FNOL in the industry. Elevate customer experience, reduce cycle times and retain more policyholders.

Lorem ipsum Use Liberate’s suite of building blocks to design the optimal experience for your customers.

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Optimize your customer experience with easily configurable templates for all P&C product lines

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Collect the right data with smart, reflexive forms that streamline the data collection process

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Triage claims, identify anomalies and eliminate language barriers with the power of AI

Transform FNOL experiences, quickly and affordably

With a wide range of automated FNOL workflows for auto, home, and commercial insurance, you can quickly and affordably customize our low code/no code templates to automate your FNOL processes across all P&C product lines.

Create seamless digital customer experiences, automate complex processes, and reduce the need for call centers and human busywork. With Liberate, you can quickly and affordably go live without a lengthy implementation cycle.

Mitigate losses with digital FNOL + smart triage

To mitigate claims, a fast response is critical. Unfortunately, traditional FNOL processes can lead to wasted time, higher costs and poorer customer experiences. There’s a better way. With digital FNOL + smart triage, you can:

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Assess the situation
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Fast track repairs
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Provide containment tips
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Gather the right info
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Find & deploy service providers
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Automate smart triage

Eliminate claims language barriers with our FNOL AI Plugin

To populate FNOL form fields, claimants can type or speak answers in their native language. The FNOL AI plugin transcribes speech to text in real time and converts the transcribed text into structured data fields.

Next, the plugin translates any language into English in real time, so form results are delivered to your claims team in English (along with the original language transcript).

Using AI, the plugin can also interpret and summarize the claimant-provided information and resolve translation discrepancies. File handlers receive the summary along with the full FNOL translation. The summary can be used for quick triage or to trigger automated workflows.

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