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Underwriting Workbench

Unleash growth with smart underwriting automation

Streamline your underwriting processes while increasing accuracy, efficiency and growth capacity. Our underwriting workbench provides start-to-finish automation in one convenient location – giving your underwriters more time to focus on high-value tasks the drive profitability.

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Smart Queuing

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Contextual Insights

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Data Enrichment

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Agent Communication

Smart Queuing

Imagine how much time underwriters could save if they could spend their time working in a single tool that categorizes and prioritizes applications based on your business rules and metrics.

One-stop Shop

When underwriters don’t have to spend time gathering information because all third-party data and contextual information is already collated in their workbench, they are free to focus on their most important task: evaluating risk. They can complete the entire process – including risk analysis, data verification, agent communication, quote and re-rate – all from a single tool.

Contextual Risk Insights

Risk insights are contextually presented within the relevant data fields so they are not so easily overlooked. Underwriters can make changes in place and click to re-rate and view the premium impact – all without leaving the workbench.

External Data Enrichment

The workbench pulls and merges data from disparate sources, comparing and presenting it in context with sources clearly identified. When anomalies are flagged, the underwriter is alerted to check further.

Streamlined Agent Communication

When underwriters require more information from the agent, they can open the messaging panel to compose a message quickly and easily without leaving the workbench. When agents respond with data, it is tagged and ingested.

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